This pack contains 10 checkbox elements to help you deliver information in a clean way. They are all very easy to customize, you can easily switch the content of the box with a drop-down menu. And we've now added the possibility to choose between 6 different animations out options to give you more flexibility and diversity.
  • Compatible with Davinci Resolve 17 & 18

  • Any frame rate

  • Any resolution

  • Build with keyframes

  • Fully customizable



Hover or tap to see animations

You can add custom HTML / CSS / Javascript or Liquid code right here.
You can add custom HTML / CSS / Javascript or Liquid code right here.



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All the fonts used in this pack are licensed under the SIL Open Font Licence (OFL)

Which means that you can use them freely for both personal and commercial projects.


Supported Software



Supported FPS

Supported Resolutions

Davinci Resolve 

10 Titles

4.7 MB

Any frame rate

Any horizontal resolution


Is this product compatible with Davinci Resolve ?

Yes, the pack is compatible with Davinci resolve 18 and above as well as previous versions. Every packs will work with the paid and free version of Davinci Resolve.

Can I get a refund? 

 No, due to the nature of the product being a digital asset we can't issue any refund. Any sale is final and not refundable, we hope you understand. 

Will I get pack updates?

Yes! If a pack gets an update you will receive an email with a link to download the latest version (for free). If you notice a problem with your product please let us know so we can fix it and update the pack for everyone! Simply email us at support@videoeditorstudio.com

How do I install the pack?

Every tool is a little bit different. That's why inside of each pack you will find a PDF and a video going over how to install and use the pack. But the process is always the same you just have to install the DRFX file and fonts provided.

But please if you feel it's unclear and need guidance in the installation simply reach out to us at support@videoeditorstudio.com 

How do I download my pack?

Once you buy a pack you will get a email with a link to download the pack, a link to the download can also be found within your account if you decide to create one.

Is it easy to use? 

It's super easy to use for beginners. And the pack comes with tutorials to guide you through the process, plus you can contact us anytime if you run into any issue. We are here for you!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Joe Kokesh
Like it, However was expecting better edit features

Thank you for your follow up.
Tried to add comments on YT about this package however there was no YT video.

Purchase and Install are seamless, thank you
Easy of adding to edit time line great

Not Good-
No ability to add additional check boxes
No ability to adjust animation rate
No ability to stop the text cross thru line if user wants the box checked

Had to add two separate check titles on top of each other and turn off the header and the unused 6th check box.
However getting them sync to exit timing was not able to align 100% no matter how much playing around I did.

Happy though with the purchase !

Rupak Chowdhury
Good purchase

It fulfills it's intended purpose. Kudos to the creator

John Kuehne
Quite Handy Tool

Simple and handy for quick checkbox lists. Some additional flexibility with the number of text lines would be great (ie more or less than just 3). Maybe the option for a single line that can be added to others would be great.